About CDA Law Center

In full compliance with all California loan modification state and federal laws, CDA Law Center provides legal counsel to individuals seeking loan modifications. Since its inception, CDA Law Center has adjusted more than 2,100 loans from its offices in Mission Viejo, California. When a potential customer comes into CDA Law Center for the first time, one of the firm’s analysts, attorneys, or underwriters will review their financial records during the free initial consultation. Although the process can be intensive, CDA Law Center prides itself on its honesty and fair business dealings. After carefully reviewing all the documents, CDA Law Center will then decide whether to accept the individual as a client. CDA Law Center only accepts clients who demonstrate a certain amount of financial hardship, but still offers advice to those who do not fit its guidelines.

Once CDA Law Center begins to represent a client, it will negotiate with the public and private lenders on the debtor’s behalf. Loan modification requires establishing a relationship with the lenders and an understanding their protocols. The professionals at CDA Law Center possess years of experience in the industry and know how to create payment plans that meet the creditor’s guidelines while satisfying the client’s needs. One of the CDA Law Center’s first actions in the process involves informing the lender that the debtor now has representation, which can help stop harassing phone calls and other agressive collection practices. CDA Law Center will then contact key lending personnel, such as the legal and loss mitigation departments, to arrange a compromise that suits both parties.

Beyond loan modification, CDA Law Centers offers several other programs, which includes determining whether a loan violates securitization policies, investigating Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC) Trusts, and assisting individuals and their families with financial guidance. Borrowers can also turn to CDA Law Center to obtain a R.E.S.T. Report ( see www.hampreport.com ). In order to make an appointment with CDA Law Center, call (877) 499-4435.

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